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The Texas Workforce Commission division of Adult Education and Literacy is led by State Director Anson Green. Below is a collection of “TWC Transmittals” from Anson that contain general grant-related information, policy clarifications and helpful guidance for AEL-funded programs. This compilation includes select TWC Transmittals dated April, 2018 forward and is updated regularly as new TWC Transmittals are generated. Messages are in date order beginning with the most recent correspondence. To help find topics, you can use your browser’s “Find” function (command + f) to find words in titles listed on this page.


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May 27, 2021: April Performance and Other Updates

I hope all of you are pushing for strong summer enrollments. The last year has been filled with many challenges and great success. I hope you are willing to share your insights with your peers at the upcoming Fall Institute Aug. 31-Sept 2. There is still time to submit a proposal through May 31st! Thank you to all the early submitters!

WII Grant Close Out
Reminder that Workforce Integration Initiative (WII) grant will end June 30th, 2021. I would encourage you to work with your fiscal/finance staff to determine expenses that can be charged to this grant instead of your Core grant. The Commission approved this funding to address a need that was expressed by the field/providers and I would hate to have large balances when I know that most of you have dedicated expenses/purchases (follow-up staff, hardware, software, licenses, etc) that are intended/allowed for the WII grant. If you have any questions, please contact us.

AEL Letter – 48 hr review process
TWC offers a 48 hr review period for policy letters prior to publication. I will start sharing these with you when the 48 hour review period begins. There are explicit instructions for where to send comments. Your comments are taken into consideration prior to the publication of the letter to determine if we need to further clarify any portion of the policy or make any edits prior to publication . This level of transparency and opportunity is important for smooth implementation of new policy and I hope you will take advantage of the option. Attached is the first letter I would like to share “AEL Enrollment & Data Validation Elements”.

In the future, the email notification will include the normal “TWC Transmittal:” subject line and the body will look like this:

48-Hour Review: AEL Letter 04-21, "AEL Enrollment and Data Validation Requirements" and Attachment 1 (Comments Due Friday at 1pm)

Attached for your review is the final draft of AEL Letter 04-21, "AEL Enrollment and Data Validation Requirements" and its attachment.

Please email comments to by 1 p.m. on Friday, May 28, 2021. (Please do not email your Program Specialist or AEL TA.)

If no comments are received by the 48-hour deadline, we will assume that the documents are approved without comment.

April Performance
Attached are the April performance reports. We will likely not meet our state performance numbers. I know that data does not always provide a clear picture of the energy being dedicated at the local level, but we have to continue to strengthen our efforts leading into next year. If you do not currently have a strong implementation plan for summer classes or need some assistance from us or peers to assist with creating one—please reach out. There are so many in need of your services and we have to be open and available to meet those needs. We also have to be looking for opportunities to outreach, recruit, and expand our partnerships to ensure that local community leaders know what services we have to offer. WE CAN DO THIS! I am trying to attach myself to every opportunity to talk about AEL and funnel customers into your doors.  

I am looking forward to a new program year filled with innovation and opportunity to grow our program. We will soon be kicking off Year 4 of this grant cycle and we are already planning and authoring our next RFA. Thank you all for your hard work this year—I see you—and can’t wait to share some exciting updates for Y4 at our Fall institute!

Resources: Enrollment and Data validation Elements | Enrollment Source Documentation | MPR Summary Report | Gains By Domain (Jul - Apr) | Enrollments (Jul - Apr) | MSG Contracted (Jul - Apr) | MSG Management Report (Jul - Apr)

May 20, 2021: AEL Bi-Weekly Call

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Resources: Grantee Signature Authority List | Call Agenda | Letter | EOY Checklist | Survey

March 25, 2021: Bi-Weekly Call

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Resources: Response to Public Comments | Call Agenda

March 19, 2021: TEAMS 5.6 Release Notes

Dear Grantees,

I hope you are all well and getting ready for beautiful weekend. Attached you will find the TEAMS 5.6 Release Notes. The TEAMS release this morning has two user facing defects that I have been discussing with you over the last several months.

    1. Duplicate Records—In an effort to combat the large amount of duplicate records in our system, we have created some controls when searching for and adding new participants to the system. You will have to search by First/Last Name and DOB. This will be an inconvenience, but necessary in order to control the enormous amount of duplication we see in the system that impacts our data integrity and performance. Training staff to utilize other features available in the system (reports) to pull up student information that may not be readily available, like Participant IDs or DOB, is highly recommended.
    2. Exception Errors When Pulling Reports—This fix should allow you to now pull reports and filter by Participant variables (homelessness, ELL, foster youth, etc..) We are still working on some issues concerning the education status. This may have to come out in a future release. Please continue to report any issues.

In the next bi-weekly call, I will ask about the new requirements and get some feedback. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Resources: TEAMS 5.6 Release Notes

March 8, 2021: January Performance & HiSet Update

Dear Grantees,

Happy Monday! I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I wanted to provide the January Performance Reports and introduce some new reports! Also, brief update on HiSet contract.

Report: “EFL Gains By Domain”
This report shows how well participants are post-testing across each domain. The report only includes participants who have both a pre and post test. The student count is duplicated in each content area. For example, if Jane took a TABE 11/12 Reading, Language and Math pre and post test, she will be represented in each content area.

What It Can Tell You

    1. How well students are doing when being post-tested in each content area in each EFL
    2. Specific EFL that may require some additional analysis to improve, move student to progress
    3. Which EFL are impacting your MSG outcomes—remember the more students who are not passing post test in EFL with higher targets, the greater the impact to your outcomes
    4. You can use the MSG Management Report to see this at a provider/site/class level

How Can You Use It

    1. Determine PD needs for specific content areas that need improvement
    2. Determine PD for instructional strategies for students at certain EFL’s
    3. Determine the impact of students in certain levels/content areas to your overall MSG outcome/success rates

Report: “MSG Gain PBF”
This report will tell you how you are doing each month as we move to the end of Q3 for the PBF Measure 2. The report will include the students who reached ‘participant’ status by 12/31/2020 (Den) and the number of those who have achieved at least one MSG by end of the reporting month. You have until March 31,2021 to ensure that those students achieve an MSG. Some of you have already met the measure—great job!

State Performance
Challenges with Covid and ongoing issues from inclement weather have hurt our enrollment numbers drastically. We have served  34,131 students and only 26,501 of them have reached 12+ hours in our program. To give you some comparison, last year in January our number enrolled was 56,421, that is a 47% less than usual. I would encourage you to review these performance reports carefully and see what your peers are doing—there are bright spots out there.
As you can imagine, with so many Texans in need of our services, we have to be diligent in continuing to provide services while being safe. I wanted to thank you for sending in your monthly surveys, these inform us of the constraints happening locally and help us determine need for state level initiatives that may be needed to support service delivery.

HiSet Update
We have a contract! We are close to getting vouchers from HiSet and will get those distributed to Grantees asap. Important Note: All HiSet tests must be taken before August 31,2021! We will also be making some tweaks to our AEL HSE Letter –coming soon!

We will NOT be extending February data sign off (March 15th) unless there is a system issue/outage or unforeseen circumstance.

Resources: Gains by Domain | MPR Summary Report | Measurable Skill Gains PBF Report | Enrollments | Measurable Skill Gains Contracted


Dear Grantees,

Happy Monday! I hope this email finds you well. Attached is the final agenda for the TALAE Pre-conference. The morning session is the AEL Best in Class Awards and Business meeting—open to all. The afternoon is reserved for those who are in these roles:

    • Directors
    • Performance Accountability Lead
    • Quality Assurance Lead

You can register for the Pre-conference or regular TALAE sessions here:

Reminder: CALL FOR PROPOSALS DUE FEB. 12th! TWC Annual Workforce Conference Nov. 17 – 19, 2021
We have had many innovative projects launch over the past year and would love for you to highlight your partnerships with local Workforce Boards/VR, community colleges, and employers! Virtual services, including how to conduct comprehensive intake, serve students, and conduct follow-up remotely is also a great topic with much interest. Time to shine, AEL! For consortium—As always, please coordinate with your TWC AEL grantee on proposal submissions.

As we look forward to the new year, and in preparation for the upcoming 2021 Annual Workforce Conference, scheduled for Nov. 17 – 19, 2021, at the Marriott Marquis Houston in Houston, Texas, TWC is currently taking proposals.

2021 Annual Workforce Conference Proposal

If you have any questions about the TWC conference or proposal submittal, contact Carolyn S. Zubeldia at (512) 463-5556 or; Julia Mercado at (512) 463-9936 or

Resources: TALAE Agenda

January 14, 2021: Bi-Weekly Call

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Resources: Grantee Targets Briefing | MAWAE Fact Sheet | MAWAE Flyer Template | MAWAE Social Media Posts | Call Agenda