TCALL History & Purpose

TRAIN PD @ TCALL is a project of the Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy and Learning at Texas A&M University funded by the Texas Workforce Commission to serve as the statewide Professional Development and Resource Center for Texas Adult Education and Literacy (AEL). In that role, TRAIN PD serves as the hub for the TWC AEL Training, Resource and Innovation Network for Texas (TRAIN Tex) strategy.

TRAIN PD @ TCALL is responsible for delivering training, including training-of-trainer (TOT) events, informational resources, and other support to local programs, students, and stakeholders.  PD Center staff, including PD Specialists,  are responsible for deploying statewide PD activities, identifying and recruiting additional contract trainers, developing and delivering training throughout the state, including online accessibility, and assisting AEL Grantees and other providers with professional development planning and services provision.

Key services of TRAIN PD @ TCALL include:


Those services and products/resources are available to Texas audiences including:

  • Employees or volunteers of AEL service providers and collaborating entities
  • Employees of the Agency
  • Members of the Texas Workforce Solutions Network, including Board staff and contractors
  • Employers
  • Developmental education providers
  • Windham School District education providers
  • Volunteers; community-based and faith-based providers
  • Other stakeholders as approved by the TWC

Our Mission
(The reason we exist):

To provide a centralized resource for collaborative networking, knowledge, and service for those meeting the literacy needs of adult learners and their families.

(The Future We Aspire to):

We want to be recognized in Texas and nationally as a resource, service, and research center for literacy educators and leaders.

Core Values
(Our Strongly Held Beliefs):
  • Service
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Research Quality
  • Responsiveness

TCALL was created in 1989 by the Board of Regents at Texas A&M University with the purpose of helping to reduce the incidence of adult illiteracy in Texas. As the state literacy resource center, TCALL's purpose has evolved into responding to the needs of those who provide literacy services to Texas’ adult education and family literacy learners.

The primary funded project at TCALL from 1989 through mid 2014 was the Adult Literacy Clearinghouse, an adult education state leadership activity funded for 14 years under Texas Education Agency, then under Texas Workforce Commission beginning in fall 2013.

In June 2014 and again in June 2016, Texas Workforce Commission selected TCALL through competitive procurement processes to be funded as the statewide Adult Education and Literacy Professional Development Center, while continuing its role as the resource and communication hub as well. (See TRAIN PD @ TCALL project activities here.)

Results (The Difference We Make/Who We Serve and How):

  • As your state Adult Education and Literacy Professional Development and Resource Center, we provide access to research-based training, knowledge, services, information, and resources for the field of adult education and literacy.
  • We support the field’s pursuit of excellence by anticipating and responding to their needs and national trends.
  • We enable practitioners to connect with each other as well as with state leadership by providing a central communication network.
  • We support quality Adult Education and Literacy programs by facilitating and supporting other statewide capacity building and innovation initiatives.

For more information, send a message to

Call 1-800-441-READ (7323) or contact these project leadership staff with your questions.

Texas AEL PD Portal, Communications, Email Discussion List Moderation, and Ombudsperson for Problems/Suggestions regarding TRAIN PD @ TCALL:
Dr. Debra L. Hargrove, Managing Director

Professional Development Content:
Beth A. Ponder, Director of Professional Development 

PD Registration or Documentation Questions:
Yoli Oliver

Texas AEL PD Portal Management and Technical Assistance
Laura Greer, Manager of PD Logistics

Questions from Trainers about access to PD Portal and its Contract Trainer Community of Practice
Tracy Hendrix, Professional Development Center Specialist and Trainer Capacity Development (Program Manager)

Professional Development Field Services to AEL Grant Recipients/Consortia:
Krista Mosher, Manager of PD Field Services

Questions regarding Research & Evaluation
Dr. Debra L. Hargrove, Managing Director

See contact information for other project staff on the TCALL Staff Page.