Professional Development and Innovation

TWC delivers professional development and innovation through the Training, Resource and Innovation Network for Texas (TRAIN Tex). 
The TRAIN Tex strategy represents Texas’ significant investment in professional development, relevant research, and capacity-building projects that can sustain and advance a robust system of Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) providers and workforce partners and to accelerate the advancement of education and training priorities across the state.

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Professional Development Center
The Professional Development Center is responsible for delivering training, including training-of-trainer events, informational resources and other support to local programs, students, and stakeholders. Center staff, including PD Specialists,  are responsible for deploying statewide PD activities, identifying and recruiting additional contract trainers, developing and delivering training throughout the state, including online, and assisting AEL Grantees  and other providers with professional development planning and services provision.

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Capacity Building Projects
Capacity Building Projects are sharply focused initiatives that expedite research and development to address TWC priorities.   Projects are explicitly intended to support research and related resource and curriculum development, expand educational technology and support for teachers and accelerate and enhance the integration of services with other education and workforce agencies and organizations, including Workforce Boards.

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