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Welcome to our search page for the Directory of Literacy Providers in Texas. There are many providers across Texas that can help you reach your goals. Please fill in any one or more fields below to search for a literacy provider in your city or county. Go to search tips.

We also have two searchable maps by county or Workforce Board Area that you may use to search. Please scroll down the page or go to our instructions on how to use the maps.

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We also provide an information and referral hotline from which you may obtain information regarding adult and family literacy providers in your area. If you would like to tutor, need help with literacy issues, would like to be added to the Directory of Adult & Family Literacy Providers, or would like to find out what services are available in your area, please contact TCALL. 

Call our toll-free hotline: 800-441- READ (7323) or contact us via e-mail: tcall@tamu.edu for more information. Click on the links below for additional resources available to assist you.

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Mapping Texas Literacy and Workforce Service Providers

Providers of Adult Education and Literacy by county (If you prefer to use the map and would like to locate a literacy provider in a specific county, click on the map link above. Place the cursor over any county in Texas, click, and the list of literacy providers that serve the county will display.)

Providers of Adult Education and Literacy by Workforce Board Area

Through 28 Local Workforce Development Boards and their service contractors, the Texas Workforce Commission provides workforce solutions for Texans.