AEL Presentations and Materials

AEL PreConference, TWC Conference 2021

TAB 1 Surfing Into Mid Year [pdf]
TAB 2a State By State Performance MSG [xls]
TAB 2b State By State Performance Exit Based [xls]
TAB 3 AEL Performance Guide MSG Excerpt [pdf]
TAB 4a HSE Voucher Checklist [pdf]
TAB 4b Draft HSE Subsidy Letter [pdf]
TAB 5a AEL Best In Class Awards Jul 1, 2020 - Jun 30, 2021 - Final Report [xls]
TAB 5b AEL and TWIST Coenrollment Jul 1, 2020 - Jun 30, 2021 [xls]
TAB 5c WD Letter 27 - 21 Attachment [pdf]
TAB 6 Demonstrated Effectiveness Guide [pdf]
TAB 7 Activities and Notes [pdf]

2021 Fall Institute

Presentations and Materials

2021 Fiscal Quarterly Calls

Fiscal Quarterly Call 1-15-2021 PPT Slides

2020 AEL Fall Institute

View presentations and handouts here

2020 AEL Summer Business Meeting

View schedule and handouts here

Summer Business Meeting (Day 1) Webinar Recording

2019 Fall Institute: Peak Performance – Conquering Your Performance Challenges

Peak Performance Workbook [pdf]
ESC 20 – Alamo SOP for ABE/ASE Orientation [ppt]
Adam Leonard Presentation [ppt]

AEL Forum - Business Meeting April 24, 2019

Assessment Guide [ppt]
Integrated EL Civics - ESL Professionals [ppt]
Post Exit Tracking [ppt]
ITP Curriculum Breakdown by Week [doc]
ITP Syllabus Spring 2019 Term 4 [doc]

AEL Summer Institute - July 30 - August 2, 2018

Employer Engagement:  Designing quality programs
Reentry Corrections: Meeting the needs of those justice involved
Pre-Reqs, Co-Reqs, What’s it all about? Understanding postsecondary pathways for under-skilled adults
Y’all Ready for This?: Who’s really ready for IET?
MSG’s: How measured are you?
What Does the SOP Say?  Hard to know if it’s just sitting on the shelf
Into the Weeds: What do we really mean by ‘Recognized Postsecondary Credential’?
How to Foster Persistence: High impact practices for directors
Navigating the Grant (BAEL)

Past Conference Material Archives

WIOA AEL Summer Institute - June 20-23, 2017
Day 1 Materials

CDER - An Overview of the System
CDER Screens and Reports - Getting What You Need
Accruals, Obligations and Expenditures, Oh My!
Your B1 and How to Use it, Year 4 and the Core 34
Funding Sources and Authorities

Day 2 Materials

Local Program Approach to Monitoring
Participant File Checklist
Participant File Checklist
FY18 AEL Monitoring Tool - Eligibility
FY18 AEL Monitoring Tool - Assessment

Day 3 Materials

Introduction to Accountability Under WIOA
Beginning with Measurable Skill Gains
Planning for Measurable Skill Gains
What is Training
Tracking Training

Day 4 Materials

Changes for Year 4


TALAE 2017 Career Pathways Pre Conference February 1, 2017
MODULE 1 - AEL Service Integration with Community Colleges Region 20 Alamo Presentation
Region 5 Presentation
Amarillo Presentation
MODULE 2 - Designing Options for English Language Learners EL Civics Literacy Council of Tyler
EL Civics Grayson
ESL Bridge
ESL Bridge Handout
Workplace Literacy Harris County
MODULE 3 - Integration with Workforce Solutions and Career Services Workforce Solutions and Career Services
Materials Board Integration


AEL Business Meeting - September 12-14, 2016