AEL Presentations and Materials

2020 AEL Summer Business Meeting

View schedule and handouts here

Summer Business Meeting (Day 1) Webinar Recording

2019 Fall Institute: Peak Performance – Conquering Your Performance Challenges

Peak Performance Workbook [pdf]
ESC 20 – Alamo SOP for ABE/ASE Orientation [ppt]
Adam Leonard Presentation [ppt]

AEL Forum - Business Meeting April 24, 2019

Assessment Guide [ppt]
Integrated EL Civics - ESL Professionals [ppt]
Post Exit Tracking [ppt]
ITP Curriculum Breakdown by Week [doc]
ITP Syllabus Spring 2019 Term 4 [doc]

AEL Summer Institute - July 30 - August 2, 2018

Employer Engagement:  Designing quality programs
Reentry Corrections: Meeting the needs of those justice involved
Pre-Reqs, Co-Reqs, What’s it all about? Understanding postsecondary pathways for under-skilled adults
Y’all Ready for This?: Who’s really ready for IET?
MSG’s: How measured are you?
What Does the SOP Say?  Hard to know if it’s just sitting on the shelf
Into the Weeds: What do we really mean by ‘Recognized Postsecondary Credential’?
How to Foster Persistence: High impact practices for directors
Navigating the Grant (BAEL)

Past Conference Material Archives

WIOA AEL Summer Institute - June 20-23, 2017
Day 1 Materials

CDER - An Overview of the System
CDER Screens and Reports - Getting What You Need
Accruals, Obligations and Expenditures, Oh My!
Your B1 and How to Use it, Year 4 and the Core 34
Funding Sources and Authorities

Day 2 Materials

Local Program Approach to Monitoring
Participant File Checklist
Participant File Checklist
FY18 AEL Monitoring Tool - Eligibility
FY18 AEL Monitoring Tool - Assessment

Day 3 Materials

Introduction to Accountability Under WIOA
Beginning with Measurable Skill Gains
Planning for Measurable Skill Gains
What is Training
Tracking Training

Day 4 Materials

Changes for Year 4


TALAE 2017 Career Pathways Pre Conference February 1, 2017
MODULE 1 - AEL Service Integration with Community Colleges Region 20 Alamo Presentation
Region 5 Presentation
Amarillo Presentation
MODULE 2 - Designing Options for English Language Learners EL Civics Literacy Council of Tyler
EL Civics Grayson
ESL Bridge
ESL Bridge Handout
Workplace Literacy Harris County
MODULE 3 - Integration with Workforce Solutions and Career Services Workforce Solutions and Career Services
Materials Board Integration


AEL Business Meeting - September 12-14, 2016