Career Pathways Initiatives Under TWC AEL

Texas Milestone
By 2020, at least 20,000 adult learners will enroll in career pathways programs through partnerships between Texas employers, community and technical colleges, adult education and literacy providers, and Workforce Boards which will positively impact student employment and employer workforce needs

Integrated Solutions
The future of Adult Education and Literacy in Texas is career pathways!

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TWC’s Model Options for Career Pathways

Integrated Education and Training

Workplace Literacy

Integrated EL Civics Education

ESL for Foreign Trained Professionals

Career Pathways Implementation Plan Surveys

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Integrated Education and Training

Accelerate Texas is a shared initiative between the Texas Workforce Commission and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Accelerate Texas’ objective is to build capacity and expand deployment of career pathways programs, which support robust employment, higher education transition, skills gains, and secondary completion through demonstrated approaches that integrate system services and leverage community partnerships. TWC and THECB share common program objectives under Accelerate Texas, but each has unique program requirements.

Career Pathways Expansion is TWC’s mentoring project to support both the quality and expansion of integrated education and training programs in Texas.
Houston Community College is leading a consortium of five community colleges to deliver mentoring to Texas AEL grantees. The consortium consists of Houston Community College, Alamo College , Amarillo College , South Texas College and Tarrant County Community College. 
Each consortium member will assist eligible mentee sites and analyze current capacity to deliver integrated, education and training to AEL customers. From that analysis, each respective mentor college will assist their assigned mentee sites with developing mentoring plans to expand career pathway options for their region.

Texas Adult Completion and Skills Initiative is Texas’s innovative high school completion career pathways program.
Texas Adult Completion and Skills Initiative is TWC’s innovative high school completion program that offerors multiple options to address the career pathways success for youth up 26 years old. Customers participate in either credit recovery or high school equivalency options that are contextualized to their career interests and concurrently offered with workforce training, college and career transitional support and job development and employment services.

  • Texas Adult Completion and Skills Initiative Grantees
    • Alamo Colleges
    • South Texas College
    • North Central Texas College

Pleasanton Independent School District

Workplace Literacy

Site-Based Workplace Literacy is TWC’s employer-based adult education and literacy initiative that maximizes the power of innovation and partnerships to boost superior business outcomes and realize a competitive advantage for all Texans in the global economy.

AEL grantees across the state are joining with businesses to develop the skills of their workforce through employer based workplace literacy projects. In addition, TWC has funded specific Site-Based Workplace Literacy projects to expand AEL sites and services for employers. Projects implement customized instructional programs, employer outreach and engagement with Local Workforce Development Boards, curriculum development preparation and development of performance-based assessment tools as needed to demonstrate instructional effectiveness.
Grantees implementing Site-Based Workplace Literacy include

  • Victoria County Junior College
  • Northside ISD
  • Alamo Workforce Solutions
  • Region 9 Educational Service Center
  • Alvin Community College

Southwest Texas Junior College

Integrated EL Civics Education (WIOA Section 243)

Integrated English Literacy Civics Education (WIOA Section 243): Integrated English Literacy Civics Education is TWC’s career pathways workforce training initiative for English Language Learners seeking to expand their career and civic participation options. The program is for adult English language learners, including professionals with degrees and credentials in their native countries and includes instruction in literacy and English language acquisition, instruction on the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and civic participation, and includes Integrated Education and Training.

ESL for Foreign Trained Professionals

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