Awarding Proxy Hours for the Workplace Essential Skills Components

Workplace Essential Skills series is provided by PBS Literacy Link/ Kentucky Educational Television. It is a multimedia employment-related skills development curriculum designed to facilitate a job search. The series comprises both videos and workbooks.

Videos: Students receive .50 proxy hours (30 minutes) for each video they watch. Students self-report whether or not they have watched the video. No official test is used to verify students' reports; however, teachers should request students complete a written or oral comprehension check before assigning proxy hours.


  • Students receive 2.0 proxy hours for each workbook unit in which the student has completed 70% or more of the assigned activities.
  • Students completing 50%-69% of the workbook activities for a particular unit receive 1.0 proxy hours.
  • Students completing 49% or less of the workbook activities for a particular unit receive zero proxy hours.

For more information call (800) 354-9067. The TCALL Library has master copies of the Workplace Essential Skills series on DVD, which can be borrowed by mail.