PD Coordinator and PD Specialist Roles

Texas Workforce Commission Adult Education and Literacy

All technical or compliance questions regarding TEAMS should be addressed directly to the TEAMS Staff at Teams.technicalassistance@twc.state.tx.us

In keeping with TWC RFP 320-14-10, which is the basis for current Adult Education & Literacy Grantee contracts, each Grantee is required to hire a Professional Development Coordinator at a minimum of 20% FTE. The Professional Development Center is required to employ PD Specialists, each is assigned a caseload of local AEL Grantees; these two positions are designed to coordinate in the development of an annual Professional Development plan for each Grantee and in the scheduling of training events that promote the most beneficial outcomes in meeting program targets, and to ensure that all AEL staff accrue the required PD hours as outlined in TWC Rules 805.21: Staff Qualifications and Training.

Professional Development training is divided into two categories: Tier 1, or Core, training and Tier 2, or Adult Learning/Specialized training. Tier 1 trainings are facilitated and funded at the AEL Grantee local level and are comprised of universal training content, while allowing program flexibility where necessary. Tier 1 training typically consists of six topics, which are listed in the table below. PD Specialists work with Grantees in (a) adapting Tier 1 training where needed or where there is no local expertise, (b) assisting Grantees in analyzing both statewide and regionally specific data using TEAMS, LMCI, and other relevant sources to develop an annual Professional Development Continuous Improvement Plan (PD/CIP), and (c) work with Grantees to arrange and facilitate Tier 2, or Adult Learning/Specialized, training as indicated by a needs assessment, as requested by AEL Grantee, or as directed by TWC/AEL staff. Tier 2 trainings are both coordinated and funded by the PD Center. PD Specialists also provide support for AEL meetings and conferences, as well as conduct PD training as qualifications allow.

*Tier 1 = Core, or locally facilitated, training.
*Tier 2 = Adult Learning or Specialized training.

Local PD Coordinators
 PD Center Specialists
Hired by one of the 35 AEL Grant Recipients or Consortia

The PD Center

Funded out of AEL Grant PD or AEFLA funds
The PD Center
Percent Effort
Must be minimum 20% FTE dedicated to PD
Each is 100% FTE dedicated to PD Center activities
Reports to Director of the Local AEL Grant Recipient or Consortium
Reports to the PD Center management staff, as designated.
Duties Independent of Each Other

Works at the local AEL grant recipient facility on tasks including:

  • Planning, implementing, and documenting PD for teachers and staff of the AEL grant recipient who are required to accrue PD hours. Documentation responsibility includes:
  • Ensuring that local data entry personnel enter into TEAMS all Tier 1 (core) PD activities and all local staff PD hours, and
  • Maintaining backup documentation of all staff PD hours entered. May include staff sign-in sheets, agendas, handouts, and certificates of completion. Documentation should be kept in staff personnel file for monitoring purposes.
  • Utilizing local PD funds to facilitate delivery of Tier 1 training needed by teachers and staff. Training on Tier 1 subjects may be led by PD Coordinators or local qualified Subject Matter Experts*.
  • PD Coordinator ensures that all staff receive the required amount of PD annually
*If there is no qualified local trainer for Tier 1 training, the PD Coordinator should contact their assigned PD Center Specialist to assist in facilitating necessary training.

Works on statewide PD activities as assigned/directed by the PD Center leadership team, including but not limited to:

  • Planning, implementation, and documentation of Tier 2 training events throughout the state
  • Identifying and recruiting additional contract trainers to be included in Texas AEL Contract Trainer & Training Database
  • Delivering Tier 2 training throughout the state, as assigned by the PD Center leadership and as qualified
  • PD curriculum development, acquisition, and/or curriculum conversion (to digital delivery) as assigned by PD Center leadership
  • Dissemination of best practices, including participation in PD Center email-lists and other virtual communities, writing original content and soliciting writers from the field for Texas Adult Education and Literacy Quarterly
  • Supporting, participating in, facilitating logistics for, and/or presenting sessions at statewide conferences and meetings for TWC Adult Education and Literacy, as assigned by the PD Center leadership

Duties in which the 2 roles interact

Works with PD Specialist assigned to their program on:

  • Development of PD Continuous Improvement Plan, due May 31 of each program year, with updated revision due October 15 of each program year. The PD/CIP is developed based on a coordinated analyses of the following data sources, at a minimum; TEAMS data, local Labor Market & Career Information, statewide needs assessment and previous local needs assessment
  • Contributing local input to statewide PD needs assessments
Requests through PD Specialist all Adult Education training considered Tier 2 PD activities. Training may be recommended by PD Specialist, local AEL Grantee, TWC, or as indicated by local needs assessment. Tier 2 training event costs are paid by the PD Center, other than local provider staff travel.

Works with “case load” of AEL Grant Recipient PD Coordinators as assigned by the PD Center leadership team (via site visits, email and phone) on:

  • Development of PD Continuous Improvement Plan, due May 31 of each program year, with updated revision due October 15 of each program year. The PD/CIP is developed based on a coordinated analyses of the following data sources, at a minimum; TEAMS data, local Labor Market & Career Information, statewide needs assessment and previous local needs assessment
  • Recommending Tier 2 PD events funded by the PD Center, in accordance with local and statewide PD needs assessment data, as requested by AEL Grantee, or at the direction of TWC/AEL.
  • Facilitating logistics of PD Center-funded Tier 2 training events with local programs, including any associated trainer fees, scheduling, location planning, presentation equipment and materials, documentation of attendance and evaluations. Documentation may include sign-in sheets, agendas, handouts, and certificates of completion.
  • Ensures that all local Tier 1 training events are aligned with local program and statewide goals and are consistently applied across all AEL programs
Type of Training
Who is responsible for training?
Training Description
Tier 1 (Core) Training
Tier 1 (Core) Training: Tier 1 trainings are those which are contractually required to be provided by the AEL Grantee at the local level. However, if there is no local qualified staff to perform core training, coordination with assigned PD Specialist is necessary.

Tier 1 training includes the following:

  • Assessment Training
  • TEAMS Basic Training
  • Student Intake, Enrollment & Orientation
  • Goal Setting
  • Career Awareness
  • New Staff Orientation
Other topics, including those typically defined as Tier 2, where local staff have subject matter expertise, will be conducted and funded at the local provider level.
Tier 2 (Adult Learning or Specialized) Training
Tier 2 trainings are those that assist instructors and programs in improving instructional and service outcomes and implementing innovative service models. Tier 2 training also includes those offered by trainers that have a specialized skill set, curriculum or district qualifications.

Tier 2 training may include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  • Workforce Integration
  • Career Pathways
  • ESL Instruction
  • Reading/Writing Instruction
  • Numeracy Instruction
  • Contextualized Instruction
  • High School Equivalency
  • College/Transitions
  • Adult Learning Principles
  • Partnership Development
  • Distance Learning
  • Implementing AEL Standards
TEAMS Advanced training