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Over 2,000 resources, available FREE as online resources, 30-day loans with free shipping, and free giveaway materials. Find out more from our Loan Policy and Checkout Information page. 

We made a Google Sheet to help you find what you need: 

  • There is an online Instructions Document that can guide you through the Google Sheet. This document will have the best in-depth guide on how to best use the Google Sheet. 
  • Below are some snapshots from the TCALL Library Database to give you an idea of how it works.

Quick Links: Read Me First Tab | Resource List | Tool Tabs | Common Tools | Requesting Resources

Start with the Read Me First! Tab:

This tab has all of the useful links you will need:

  • Instructions Document
  • Library Database
  • Google Form to request resources
The Resource List contains all of the resources for the Library Database:

The three Tool Tabs help you find the resources you need: 

1. The Simple Keyword Search allows you to search for a keyword in a specified column. Any resource with that keyword within the specified column will appear on the right. (see note below)

2. The Full Keyword Search allows you to search for a keyword in all columns. Any resource with that keyword in any column will appear on the right, and the cell containing your keyword will be highlighted in yellow. (see note below)

3. The ID Code Search allows you to view only resources from a specific ID Code. Each ID Code corresponds to a subject (e.g., English as a second language (ESL), Adult basic education (ABE)) that can be found in the ID Definitions tab.

NOTE: Disadvantages for the two keyword search tabs:

1. Be careful with your spelling. The database is making a search based on exactly what you type. Spelling errors often do not provide any results.
2. Entering in multiple keywords will often function as a spelling error. If you enter in two words that appear consecutively, the database may find them or may not. For example, entering “adult literacy” will produce results because those keywords appear consecutively in some of our resources, but entering “ESL GED” will not produce any results because those keywords do not appear consecutively in any of our resources.

Two Common Tools will help you:

Filter resources based on Loan Type.

Find Link to a Resource based on the Title.

Requesting Resources
Make a loan request through our Google Form or by emailing with your request!
Use the Check Out Resources tool to format the information on the resources you want in a way that is helpful for the TCALL Library staff. When you select resources using their respective checkboxes, the information will automatically fill in the Check Out Resources tool, provided so that you can conveniently copy and paste into the Google Form.

For more information about how TCALL's mail order library works and who is eligible to order free materials and borrow loan titles by mail, see the Library Page. 

NEED HELP? Please contact TCALL if you need help utilizing our new library search page. During business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time), call 1-800-441-READ (7323). Evenings and weekends, please send your questions via email

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