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Instructions for Searching Library Online

Explanations of the Search Fields

Find titles that that are part of a series
Narrow Search Terms
Find titles in one of 90+ very specific content areas
Broad Search Categories
Find titles in one of 40+ broad content areas (same as our print bibliographies)
Distribution Options
Find free titles or those available for loan by mail
Type of Media
Find book/print material, instructional, video or audio titles
Find International Standard Book Number or International Standard Series Number
Call Number
Find unique identifier used in Library Catalog

Finding Subject Area Bibliographies
If you are accustomed to browsing TCALL’s Library titles in the form of our hard-copy or online annotated bibliographies, simply find the subject in question by browsing the choices under “Broad Search Categories”. Those categories are equivalent to TCALL’s Library Resource Listings (annotated bibliographies) as you’ve seen them in print and as documents on our website in the past.

Tips for Searching
When you click on any of the links, a little box pops up. You can then browse the list of options in that box, highlight the Author, Title, Publisher, etc. in which you are interested and click the “Add” button. Or you can double click the title that you want to select from the choices. Either action will insert the information into the search box on the main search page. The information in the box will include mysterious extra markings and look like this: ="A B C Task Force" or this: ="1949". Ignore those quote and equal signs -- the library software throws those in automatically.

You may also search by typing in a single word from a title or other search category, as long as it’s spelled correctly. (Use of capital letters versus lower case doesn’t matter.) For example, if you type comings in the author field, your search will find all titles by Comings, John. However, if you misspell the name as commings, it won’t work. If you know a book’s title has the word accelerated in the title, you can type in that word (correctly spelled) and your search will find the book titled, The Accelerated Learning Fieldbook, as well as four other titles that include that word.

Warning: If you type in an entire title, you actually reduce your chances of finding what you’re looking for, because the library software won’t find a title you’ve typed in unless it’s exactly identical to what’s in the database. For example, if a title begins with “An” and you type in “The”, it won’t find the title for you.

Submitting your Search Request
After you Search, click the button on the search screen labeled “Submit Your Query” -- or simply hit the “Enter” button on your keyboard. Either command tells the library database, “Here’s my question (query); please give me an answer”.

Selecting Materials to Order
When you have reviewed the “records” (library title descriptions) resulting from your search, simply click the button labeled “Add Item to Cart” for each item you wish to order. Remember that you may borrow up to five loan items at time; two items for a first-time borrower. At the top of that Search Results screen, you will then see a little picture of a library cart, and beside that a link showing how many items you have selected. To see your library cart, click on that link. Or to continue browsing the library and selecting more items, use the back arrow in the upper lefthand corner of the page Search Results.

Your TCALL Library Cart
Ordering online requires that you submit your name, email address, and phone number. After clicking on the link for your selected items next to the library cart picture, you will see the TCALL Library Cart page. There, you will fill in your name, phone number, and email address. A box labeled “Comments” allows you to include a question or comment about your order. Then to submit your library order, click the button labeled “Request Items”.

Can I Order From the Library if I Don’t have an Email Address?
Yes, you can. The online TCALL Library Cart does require both email and phone, but if you have no email address, you can also place an order by phone. Call 1-800-441-READ and ask for the Library.

What Happens Next?
After receiving your Library Cart order, TCALL library staff will contact you if they need additional information to fill your order. Otherwise, they will notify you when your order has been mailed out. Once received, library orders are typically filled by the following business day.

Other Information on TCALL’s Library of Free and Loan Materials
For more information, such as who is eligible to order materials and how the mail-order lending system works, see the main Library page.

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Still have questions? The Library staff can assist you during regular business hours.
Email or call 1-800-441-READ (7323 toll-free) and ask for the library.

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