Library Loan Policy & Check Out Information

Eligible borrowers:

  • All individuals affiliated with not-for-profit adult or family literacy education programs in Texas. This includes teachers, administrators, program staff and collaborators.
  • Academic or governmental staff conducting research in adult or family literacy education.
  • Out of state individuals with a program affiliation as described above may borrow items for which there is not currently demand within the state. Exception: Some higher-cost loan items are classified as available only within Texas.
  • Borrower with any items currently overdue is ineligible to borrow additional materials until the materials are returned, paid for, or the situation otherwise resolved with the Library materials coordinator or project director.
  • Borrower with history of repeated failure to return items on time will be classified as ineligible to receive any Library loan items in the future.
  • For high-demand, limited-supply items, priority for lending is as follows:
    1. Staff of Adult & Family Literacy programs affiliated with TEA/Texas LEARNS (i.e., adult education cooperatives, Even Start and EL Civics grantees).
    2. Staff of Nonprofit Adult & Family Literacy Education programs (i.e., Literacy Volunteers of America, Christian Women's Job Corps, etc.)
    3. Staff of Adult Education program affiliated with Windham ISD
  • Loan limit: 5 loan titles per borrower, of which two items can be videotape or software.
  • For new borrowers, the limit is 2 loan titles until you have established a record of borrowing and returning loan items in a timely manner.
  • Loan term: 30 days (one extension will be granted upon request, unless another borrower is waiting for that item)

Visit TCALL's Library page to use the Library Database Google Sheet, find the resources you want, and submit the Google Form.

Using the Google Form requires an email address. If you don't have an email address, you may browse the library, then order materials by calling TCALL's Hotline (800) 441-READ (7323).

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