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Reports referenced in DL Mentor RFP from TWC

Distance Learning Mentor Initiative - College of the Mainland
The Distance Learning (DL) Mentor Initiative afforded the four participating colleges mentoring from the College of the Mainland and the funding to test strategies and tools for which they otherwise lacked the resources. Hiring and purchasing technology consumed over half the project period and the implementation of technology was ongoing as of September 30, 2016. Despite challenges, there was considerable promise across the board in number of student participants, hours of engagement, and student progress. With adequate funding and incentives in place over a reasonable span of 3-5 years, a program would see a strong return on investment from the resources invested in DL. [View report]

Distance Learning Mentor Initiative - Northside ISD
The Northside ISD Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) Distance Learning (DL) Mentor Initiative Project, funded by TWC Contract # 2015AEL001, was initiated by Northside ISD's AEL department in September of 2015. The goal of this project was to build capacity, expand and/or improve performance of AEL distance learning at four mentee sites. The mentee sites included: Education Service Center (ESC) Region 20, San Antonio ISD (SAISD), Southwest Texas Junior College (STJC) and Each One Teach One (EOTO). The mentee sites were at different points of DL capacity at the beginning of this project and thus had different needs. [View Report]

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