Texas Adult Education & Literacy Quarterly
Editorial Policy and Submission Guidelines

Editorial Statement

Texas Adult Education & Literacy Quarterly is a publication of the Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy & Learning (TRAIN PD @ TCALL) at Texas A&M University. The Quarterly is dedicated to advancing the knowledge in the field by addressing topics of concern to adult education and literacy practitioners, policymakers, and scholars. Topics include but are not limited to methods and innovations in teaching and learning reading, writing, and numeracy; second language learning; family literacy; workforce literacy; transitions to post-secondary education and job training; learning technologies; health, financial, and civic literacy; and the professional development of practitioners.

To subscribe to The Quarterly, please use this Email Subscription Request FormSubscription is free to teachers, students, administrators, program coordinators, researchers, literacy volunteers, adult education’s partners in the Workforce Development system, and others interested in the fields of adult education and literacy.
Editorial Staff

Editor: Peggy Sue Hyman

Editorial Board: Dr. Mary Alfred, Dr. Debra Hargrove, Dr. Olga Escamilla, Dr. Glenda Rose, AnneMarie Molinari, Harriet Vardiman Smith, Paula Bauer

Art Director: Jorge Goyco

Organizational Sponsorship

Texas Adult Education & Literacy Quarterly is published by TRAIN PD @ TCALL as an activity of The TRAIN (Texas Research-based Adult Instruction Network) Professional Development Consortium, a state leadership project in adult education funded through Texas Workforce Commission. TRAIN PD @ TCALL is a University Center at Texas A&M University, College of Education and Human Development, Educational Administration and Human Resource Development department.

The contents of Texas Adult Education & Literacy Quarterly do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy & Learning, Texas A&M University, nor Texas Workforce Commission.

Technical and Stylistic Requirements

Typed Copy:

Article should be submitted electronically as a Microsoft® Word document, be double-spaced throughout and bear the title of the paper and name and address of each author. The name, full postal address, telephone and fax numbers, and an e-mail address of the authors, should be given on the first page for correspondence. One complete electronic copy should be sent to the editor. The author should save a copy of the manuscript.

Stylistic Requirements:

Manuscripts submitted to Texas Adult Education & Literacy Quarterly must be grammatically correct and stylistically consistent. The Quarterly uses the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, fifth edition. Consult this publication for rules governing references and citations as well as other elements of grammar and style.

Spelling should conform to the newest version of the Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary. See the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary – based on the print version of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary, Eleventh Edition.

Article Length:

Article should not be longer than 900 words total including an author bio statement of less than 30 words.

Editorial Process:

Submitting an article does not guarantee that it will be accepted for publication. If article is accepted for publication, the Editorial Board reserves the right to edit for spelling, grammar, brevity, etc. If needed, a corrected version will be sent back to the author for approval prior to publication. The Editorial Board may also request that the author(s) revise and resubmit their article, in cases where content is highly relevant but the writing requires substantial revision.


Upon final acceptance by the Editorial Board, the author is eligible to receive a stipend. Typical stipend range is $50-$250 per article; exact stipend amount will depend on article length and the number of articles published in a given issue. In the case of articles with multiple authors or contributors, a single stipend will be remitted to the article’s lead author. Staff of state leadership projects are invited to submit articles but are not eligible for a stipend.


Upon acceptance for publication, the article becomes sole intellectual property of the Texas Workforce Commission and will be published in Texas Adult Education & Literacy Quarterly on the TRAIN PD @ TCALL Website.