Documenting Training Outside of TRAIN PD

Local programs are required to make their own designation whether a training falls under the Principles of Adult Learning or Literacy Instruction categories when conducting/sponsoring a training OUTSIDE OF TRAIN PD’s jurisdiction. Use the following definitions to make that designation. Make sure you have the proper backup; sign-in and sign-out sheet, name of trainer, agenda/objectives and materials as required in your AEL contract.

Here are the definitions:

  • The Texas Administrative Code (TAC) 805.2 defines Principles of Adult Learning as: “A wide variety of research-based professional development topics that include instructional and advising characteristics specific to adults, and support the range of knowledge, skills, and abilities adults need to understand and use information, express themselves, act independently, effectively manage a changing world, and meet goals and objectives related to career, family, and community participation. Instructional principles include, but are not limited to, engaging adults and customizing instruction on subjects that have immediate relevance to their career and personal goals and objectives, building on their prior knowledge and experience, and supporting them in taking responsibility for their learning.”
  • The Texas Administrative Code (TAC) 805.21 defines Literacy as: “An individual’s ability to read, write, and speak in English, and to compute and solve problems at levels of proficiency necessary to function on the job, in the family of the individual, and in society.”

Remember, if you are offering a training outside of TRAIN PD and are using either the Principles of Adult Learning or Literacy Instruction categories, you are responsible for assigning those categories and ensuring that the training content satisfies the definitions provided in the TAC. Please contact your TRAIN PD Specialist if you have any questions.