Organization Name:LifeWorks
Department:Literacy Programs
Physical Address:835 N. Pleasant Valley Rd.
Austin, TX 78702
Postal Address:835 N. Pleasant Valley Rd.
Austin, TX 78702
Contact Person:Mr. Nocholas Winowsky
Position: GED Program Director
County Located:Travis
County Served: Travis
Organization Type:Volunteer or Community-based Program
Adult Education Service Provider
Services Provided: High School Equivalency Test Preparation, Job Search Assistance
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Additional Information:Also offers AEL programming at South site, 3700 S. 1st St. Austin, TX 78704. Offers counseling services for youth, young adults and families, as well as services through various housing programs, a young parents program, and teen parent services.
Grant Recipient Affiliation:Austin Community College
Spanish Speaker:NOT AVAILABLE
Workforce Area: Capital Area

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