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Are you looking for new and engaging activities you can bring to your classroom? Don’t have the time or the knowledge to find digital tools?

Join TRAIN PD ONLINE each Thursday night and Friday around lunch for Tech and Tell! We’ll be demonstrating technology tools that will help you keep your classroom organized, your students engaged and your tech skills up to date.

Each Tech and Tell webinar will be offered Thursday nights from 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm Central Time (for those who can’t make it on Fridays) and then repeated each Friday from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm.  

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Tech and Tell with TRAIN PD


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FRIDAYS at lunch 11:30 am- 12:30 pm CST
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Tech and Tell Webinar Series Topics

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April 2017
April 6-7: Effective Communication Strategy Using REMIND  

April 13-14:

Excel Your Instruction with Excel®!

From learning about budgets to planning a class project, there are so many practical uses for Excel® spreadsheets. This Tech and Tell will introduce tech tricks and strategies that will inspire you to explore the many different options you have with Microsoft Office programs.

April 27-28:

Using Texas Reality Check®

Texas Reality Check® is a tool that Career Pathway Navigators and Adult Educators can use with students to assist them in determining how much their living expenses will be (based on the lifestyle they choose) and the amount of money they will need to earn in order to afford their chosen lifestyle.

May 2017
May 4-5: Persistence Pays (Part 2): Apps & Web Resources to Capture Your Students  

Past Sessions
March 2017
March 2-3: Introducing the DL Call Center: Just-in-Time Help for Math  
March 9-10: No Tech and Tell: Due to 2nd Annual Technology and DL Symposium  
March 16-17: No Tech and Tell: Due to Spring Break, Texas A&M University  
March 23-24: Persistence Pays (Part 2): Apps & Web Resources to Capture Your Students  
March 30-31: See It to Understand It: Mastering Mind Mapping  
February 2017
February 2-3: No Tech and Tell  
February 9-10: Let's Calculate!  
February 16-17: The Power of Plickers!  
February 23-24: Persistence Pays (Part 1): Apps & Web Resources to Capture Your Students  
January 2017
January 5-6: Word Generator, Part 1: Foundational Training and Interaction  
January 12-13: Word Generator, Part 2: How to Incorporate Into Your Classroom  
January 19-20: Introducing the TALAE Conference App  
January 26-27: Skills Commons, Part 2: Exploration of Career Pathways Curriculum and Content  
December 2016
December 15-16: Open Educational Resources on SkillsCommons  
December 22-23: No Tech and Tell  
December 29-30: No Tech and Tell  
November 2016
November 3-4: Building Students' Vocabulary Muscles  
November 10-11: Let Your Students Padlet!  
November 17-18: Opening the Door of Opportunity: Successful Interviewing Strategies  
November 24-25: No Tech and Tell  
October 2016
October 6-7: Rockin’ Robin: Twitter for Education: Tweet-Tweet (Part 1)  
October 13-14: Technolizing Your Math Classroom, Part1  
October 20-21: Rockin’ Robin: Twitter for Education: Tweet-Tweet (Part 2)  
October 27-28: Technolizing Your Math Classroom, Part 2  
September 2016
September 1-2: Why Do I Need to Know JAN? Understanding the Value of the Resources  
September 8-9: Math is not Hard it's Soft! Getting to Know SoftSchools.  
September 15-16: Get Ready…Get Set…Get Twiducated, Part 2  
September 22-23: Overview of Texas Workforce Solutions Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Part 1  
September 29-30: Overview of Texas Workforce Solutions Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Part 2  
August 2016
August 4-5: Exploring GoToMeeting  
August 11-12: Like a Champ: Getting Even More Out of Chrome’s Browser Extensions (Part 2)!  
August 18-19: Developing Virtual Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) for your Adult Education Program  
August 25-26: Get Ready…Get Set…Get Twiducated!!!!  
July 2016
July 1: ReadWorks Revised Part 1
July 7-8: Overview of CourseSites- Part 1
July 14-15: Schoology: More Ways to Engage Students through your LMS
July 21-22: CourseSites Part 2
July 28-29: Like a Boss: Making Your Chrome Browser Extensions Work for You (Part 1)!  
June 2016
June 2-3: Exploring History through a Digital Lense: Focus on Primary Sources  
June 9-10: Operation OER- Part 2! Exploring OER Attribution  
June 16: Introducing Schoology
June 17: Session 1: Adult Education Teacher Competencies  
June 23: ReadWorks Revisited Part 1
June 24: Session 2: Adult Education Teacher Induction  
June 30: No Tech and Tell  
May 2016
May 5-6: Developing Online Communities  
May 12-13: Recruiting for Career Pathways Using Smart Cards  
May 19-20: CAPTURing Your Classroom! Screen Captures Made Easy  
May 26-27: Operation OER! Resources for Learner Success  
April 2016
March 31-April 1: "CASTing" Light on Your Classroom
April 7-8: TPACKing in Your Classroom
April 14-15: Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles (ASRP) Resource
April 22: "CASTing" Light on Your Classroom
April 28-29: Exploring Edmodo  
March 2016
March 4: Resources for Career Pathways
March 10-11: An Introduction to ReadWorks
March 17-18: No Tech and Tell (Spring Break)  
March 25: Developing Online Communities  
March 31-April 1: "CASTing" Light on Your Classroom
February 2016
February 4-5: An Introduction to LINCS
February 11-12: Exploring Labor Market and Career Resources

February 18-19: Implementing Tools for Adults with Disabilities  
January 2016
January 7-8: An Introduction to OOVO
January 14: REMIND
January 21-22: An Introduction to Weebly
January 28-29: Resources for Students with Disabilities  

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