Capacity Building Projects
Texas Workforce Commission Adult Education and Literacy

Capacity Building Projects are sharply focused initiatives that expedite research and development to address Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) priorities. These projects are explicitly intended to support research, related resource and curriculum development, expand educational technology and support for teachers, accelerate and enhance the integration of services with other education and workforce agencies and organizations, including Local Workforce Development Boards.

As of January 2016, the following projects are either funded or in development:

Career Pathways Expansion

Purpose: To provide mentoring services to TWC Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) Grantees and TWC Accelerate Texas Colleges to expand integrated education.  Each consortium member will mentor two mentee and career pathways training programs in Texas.
Deliverables: Five mentor colleges will mentor 10 mentee sites to expand career pathway options in their respective regions.
Grantee(s): TBD
Investment: $500,000 for approximately 12 months

Distance Learning Mentor Initiative

Purpose: To build capacity and expand or improve the performance of AEL distance learning initiatives throughout Texas.
Deliverables: Two mentor providers will mentor eight mentee sites to develop, implement, expand, and/or enhance distance learning services within their respective programs.
Grantees: (1) College of the Mainland will be mentoring Houston Community College System, San Jacinto College, Lone Star College, and Alamo Colleges, and (2) Northside Independent School District (NISD) is mentoring Region 20 Education Service Center (ESC), San Antonio ISD, Southwest Texas Junior College, and Each One Teach One
Investment: $650,000 for approximately 10 months

Focus on Basics: Reading and Math

Purpose: To develop a Reading Institute and update the existing Mathematics Institute; both designed to build capacity for teaching reading and mathematics in local AEL programs by applying research-based best practices, curriculum frameworks aligned to content standards, training, and follow-up.
Deliverables: Based on input from task groups composed of subject matter experts, Grantee will:
(1) develop content for a Reading Institute and a Math Institute that aligns instructional practices, curricula, technology resources, and
(2) develop and execute training-of-trainer (TOT) events designed to build a cadre of trainers who will support AEL reading and math instructors.
Grantee(s): TBD
Investment: $515,020 for approximately 12 months

Professional Development Support for Nonprofit Adult Education and Literacy Organizations

Purpose: To provide professional development to tutors, instructors, program administrative staff, and trainers of nonprofit AEL organizations in Texas.
Deliverables: Based on a needs survey and input from the Literacy Texas Steering Committee, Grantee will develop a professional development program to support collaborating literacy organizations in the following areas: Greater Houston, Dallas Metroplex, Lower Rio Grande Valley, Upper Rio Grande Valley, East Texas, West Texas, Capital Metropolitan Area, and the Alamo Area.
Grantee: Literacy Texas
Investment: $250,000 for approximately 12 months

Texas Adult Education and Literacy Standards Revision

Purpose: To update the Adult Basic Education, Adult Secondary Education, and English Language Acquisition levels of the Texas Adult Education Content Standards and Benchmarks (TAECSB) and align them with prevailing standards and assessments for college and career readiness in Texas.
Deliverables: Based on recommendations from the Standards Work Group, composed of subject matter experts, Grantee will revise, field- test and, ultimately, align TAECSB with the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards (TCCRS), the Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency (TxCHSE) and the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA).
Grantee: Texas State University
Investment: $429,843 for approximately 12 months

Public Library AEL Expansion

Purpose: The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) will provide services aimed at expanding service delivery and service integration between public and academic libraries and AEL providers.  The objectives of the project are to develop tools and resources, facilitate training and technical assistance to libraries, to develop or expand library engagement with local AEL providers based on best practices of AEL/Library engagement in the state. 
Deliverables: Grantee will provide tools, resources, and training to local libraries that will expand engagement between local libraries and AEL providers.
Grantee: Texas State Library and Archives Commission
Investment: $200,000 for approximately 15 months

OneStar Adult Education and Literacy Expansion

Purpose: OneStar will support local AEL program recruitment, retention, and integration efforts through connections to both the Texas Connector data system and the VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America) program. The Texas Connector data system will support a reduction in student participation barriers by identifying connections for AEL providers to support services, transportation information, and other valuable student support information.
Deliverables: Expert VISTA volunteers will be assigned to selected local programs to deliver coordinator-level support. They will support AEL program capacity through efforts such as the use of Texas Connector, student recruitment and outreach efforts within the community. VISTA coordinators may provide a deliberate focus on the capacity building and training of volunteers, provide support in data analysis, and assist in overall program evaluation.
Grantee: OneStar
Investment: $200,000 for approximately 18 months