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Career Pathways PD Institute: Career Pathways Institute - Workplace Literacy

Workplace Literacy Curriculum

Equipped for the Future
Preparing for Work: An EFF Work Readiness Curriculum (Teacher Guide)
The modules that comprise this curriculum, which have been adapted from the earlier version for youth, are based on EFF’s business-identified standards for entry-level work readiness and have been designed to align with the skills identified in the National Work Readiness Credential profile.
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Workplace Preparation Activities

Professional Development Center
Access Various training related to Workforce Preparation Activities
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Workplace Literacy Resources

Center for Adult English Language Acquisition
Resources for Instructors on integrating workplace content and skills with English Language learning.
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Department of Labor: Office of Disability Employment Policy
Essential Skills for Getting a Job: What Young People with Disabilities Need to Know
This in depth survey of 461 business leaders conducted by the Conference Board, Corporate Voices for Working Families, Partnership for 21st Century Skills, and Society for Human Resource Management reveals that while the three ”R’s” (reading, writing, and arithmetic) are still fundamental to every employee’s ability to do the job, employers view “soft” skills as even more important
to work readiness. The survey identified the following competencies as key to the success of young workers in the 21st Century workplace.
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Empowering Adults to Thrive at Work: Personal Success Skills for 21st Century Jobs. A Report on Promising Research and Practice.
This report is geared toward leaders in education, industry, workforce development, and human services interested empowering working age adults to build sustainable 21st century careers through strengthened personal success skills. From interviews with experts and a review of research literature, the report provides resources and recommendations to advance practice, research, and policy.
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Foundational Skills in the Service Sector
Understanding and addressing the impact of limited math, reading, and technology proficiency on workers and employers. This report offers a fresh analysis of rigorous international data, painting a picture of the approximately 20 million American workers employed in key service-sector industries who lack foundational skills. It highlights promising practices and interventions used by U.S. employers to help their workers to upskill. And it details key policy levers that can foster economic mobility for these workers.
[View resource here], Coordination with Employers
America needs an effective strategy for integrating educational instruction and workforce development that benefits employers, today's workers, and workers of tomorrow. Employer-Educator Partnerships work!
This website is designed to: Introduce employers and educators to the value of partnering. Describe best practices and success stories. Disseminate evidence-based tools that contain academic and practical solutions for building partnerships, sustaining collaborations, and creating career pathways.

Valuable information tailored for both employers and educators is presented. Whether you are an employer, educator, or other interested party, we encourage you to view both sections as they present examples, from each perspective, of how partnerships have made a difference along with links to important resources.
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LINCS is a professional learning platform for adult educators funded by the U.S. Department of Education.
On this website you can:

  • find professional development opportunities in the Learning Portal
  • participate in discussions with your peers in the community
  • access high-quality resources in our Resource Collection

You can also explore related federal initiatives and contact your regional professional development center for additional opportunities.
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Perkins Collaborative Resource Network
Employability Skills Framework
Perkins Collaborative Resource Network, provided by U.S. Department of Education, Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education, Division of Academic and Technical Education
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Workplace Literacy Guide
A guide to help organizations explore opportunities associated with starting a workplace literacy program. Learn about practices and procedures used in a variety of workplace literacy programs and how to adapt them to fit the needs of your organization and community.
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Texas Work Prep
Whether you're looking for a job for the first time, seeking tips to succeed in your current job, or wanting to land a new job, this set of online courses can help you get there.
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Texas Workforce Commission
How Creating a Culture of Accessibility Positively Impacts Business

Published on Oct 24, 2016. Learn how creating a culture of accessibility positively impacts business, watch and share this webinar produced by the Texas Workforce Solutions and the Texas Workforce Commission in collaboration with Seton Healthcare Family.
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