Program Management Institute:

A PD Institute that organizes AEL research, courses and curriculum, PD events and other resources related to Program Management and Accountability, including, but not limited to, content related to institutional operations, TEAMS, data analysis, recruitment, intake, screening, assessment, advising, counseling, collaborations, and program improvement. The focus of the institute is on the administration and performance of AEL programs and its goal is improving performance, increasing quality, ensuring consistency at the local, regional, and state level.

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April 19, 2017: Texas AEL Content Standards Rollout for AEL program directors and instructional/curriculum leads. More Info Here.

June 20-23, 2017: AEL Administrators’ Summer Institute will be hosted by TWC in Austin with topics including Finance, Performance, and Accountability. More information is coming soon.

November 29 - December 1, 2017: 2017 Annual Texas Workforce Conference at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel in Dallas. More info here.

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